About Us

Photos Into Conversations

Photos Into Conversations

Natural Selection is a fun site that brings people together. Our mission is to provide a platform whereby users can vote on their favourite selfies, start a conversation, make new friends, find a date and generally have an all round good experience.

Selfie votes are initially based on your opinion of someone's appearance in a photo, or their opinion of yours, but could later stem from other personality traits which may be attained via building your follower base and chatting.

Users achieving front page status are more likely to receive correspondence from other users and make connections of interest. If you make it to the front page, you may also be eligible to win prizes.

We Connect People

We are all about making connections for you. You get real time notifications when someone visits your profile, follows you, likes a photo you shared or sends you a private message. You'll also be notified on the activity of those you follow.

You’ll get a daily summary with outlines how many people have followed you, messaged you, or liked your photos on that day.

Along with a daily summary, you’ll also receive an email if someone sends you a message and you’re offline.

Connecting People